The Caribbean region has a rich cultural heritage that has led to the emergence of a unique, warm, vibrant personality rich with diversity and exotically appealing to millions of people the world over.

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Represented by African, East Indian, Indian, Portuguese, European and Middle Eastern influences and ethnicities, the Caribbean may very well be the only truly multi cultural society in existence globally, with practically every major and minor ethnic group woven seamlessly into our societies, and all defined as being… Caribbean people.

Our heritage and cultural flavours and influence every aspect of Caribbean life. From language to cuisine, fashion, music and folklore, Caribbean life is a true melting pot of peoples, richly spiced, delicately blended and simmered in golden, salubrious sunshine. Lifestyle provides you an online window into the many facets of Caribbean life by showcasing our Vendors through our peoples and the many aspects of everyday life of our region.  Join us and explore life in our region with us, be amazed by the discoveries and come to appreciate the true essence of the products we sell.

Soon we will have available Vendor and Lifestyle Videos and Photos so you can learn Caribbean slang, check out events, see what we’re doing, eating, drinking, wearing and how we’re living in The Caribbean.   By all means, post comments and photos, share with your family and friends via email and social media, but most of all, sit back, relax and enjoy lifestyle of the islands.